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The followings are internal structure and parameters:

Lamp Bead Categories

The luminous flux(luminosity) is normally in direct proportion to the lamp bead.

External Shell Material

Contour Shape

Waterproofing Treatment Method


The non-watertight modules have competitive price which is suitable for the light emitting sources of indoor signage, sign board and light box.

Glue Drip Waterproof

The glue drip waterproof is to drip AB glue (epoxy glue) on. Being a common waterproof method, the glue drip waterproof level can reach more than IP65 and it is able surfacing without scratches. Widely used for 3D channel letters, sign boards, signage, light box, landscape layout, decor, etc.

Injection Molding

The injection molded modules, as its name indication, is a component composed by the LED lamp beads which to be pasted on PCB then to attach with the wire pressed out from adhesive the injection molding machine. The main models are 5050, 3528, 5630, etc.

Its waterproof grade reaches maximally IP68. Beautiful appearance, cold resistant and heatproof, its shell colors unfading and good protection to its internal circuit.

LED injection molded modules is one kind of LED modules which compares with other kinds of modules, it produces bigger light emitting angle, high luminosity, and low light degradation, hence to be used widely.

  1. Advertising sign boards, illuminative signage, (ultrathin) light box, 3D channel letters, plastic characters, other advertising illuminations, etc.
  2. Hotel, KTV (the name KTV is a karaoke entertainment establishment/venue particularly used in China where people entertain for singing.), shopping mall, indoor (hidden trough or slot) of entertainment places, exterior wall lighting, landscape layout, decor, city lighting, etc.
  3. Home shoe case, wardrobe, ceiling hidden channel, display room, art hall, museum, office, reading room, and other local area illuminative decorations.

Color Temperature Analysis

The LED emitting color varies depending on different wavelengths, Blue, Purple, Red, Green, Yellow and Colorful are all possible to customize.

Luminosity Analysis

The unit of luminous flux is “lumen”. Generally, the luminous flux is symbolized by Φ and in theory its unit is like the watt in electrics that because the vision is related with light and colors. Therefore, according to the standard light source and normal vision for measurement to use “lumen”, the symbol is “lm”.

The luminosity is the physical quantity of strong and weak light (reflective light) from a luminous body (or a reflective body). The human eye observes the light source from one direction, and from this direction, the ratio of light intensity and light source the human eye captured to be defined as the luminosity of the light source, i.e. the light emitting intensity on a single unit of the projected area. The luminosity is symbolized by L and the luminosity unit is candela per square meter (cd/m2).

Hence under a certain angle, the luminous flux results the luminosity intensity, however, the luminous flux is in direct proportion to the power.


Power Supply Selection

The calculation for the suited power supply quantity of the modules: Module Quantity * Per Module Power / Power of a Single Switch Electrical Source Piece / 0.8 then round the value up which shall be the quantity of electrical source pieces. Using 500 pieces of 2835 modules, for example, each module’s power is 0.72W, and choose a 60W Switch Electrical Source then the calculation shall be 500*0.72 / 60 / 0.8=7.5 pieces. As it is to select a round number, the quantity will be 8 pieces electrical source at 60W.


During layout installation of LED modules, the user shall pay attention on average and reasonable layout. Keep each of the modules an 1~1.5cm horizontal gap and a 3~4cm vertical gap, and making the layout beautiful is the principle.

Module Fixed Mode:

The backside of plastic cement shell to be fixed by double-side adhesive then use glass glue to fix auxiliarly.

Direct fix with glass glue. Before installation, please clean the module surface or make proper polish to ensure the contact surface clean.

The bottom of plastic cement shell to be fixed with screw.

Installation Steps:


  1. The LED special switch electrical source (non waterproof), please make proper waterproof arrangement.
  2. Adjust output voltage for the switch electrical source according to the LED modules’ feature and it is not allowed to rotate the voltage adjustment button during use.
  3. LED modules are generally low voltage products which are not applicable to use 110V/220V alternating current, so the power cable’s length is better as short as possible.
  4. LED modules have poles positive and negative, please make correct installation of poles during installation. If the positive is wrongly connected with negative, the module will not illuminate and also will not damage the LED module for which the user just re-connect then fine. It is Not Allowed to Adjust Voltage Higher or Lower!
  5. During the installation of LED Modules, it requires to use double-side adhesive or carpenter's glue to fix the module with plastic panel solidly. While using the double-side adhesive, the user must put glass glue as well, otherwise through long time of the sunlight outdoor, it will cause modules shed This is Very Important!
  6. For installation of LED modules for plastic characters or inside a box body, try to make multiple loops but as less as possible the numbers of module string connection groups that not more than 40 groups, and for the colorful series not more than 20 groups, otherwise it will be influenced by the voltage drop and also may cause single current overload hence burning the circuit!
  7. For the LED modules without waterproof treatment, please make arrangement against rain or water entering into while installing plastic characters or box body.

Frequent Troubles and Causes

All the LEDs are off: the general power supply is off.

Partial LEDs are off: The output pole of switch electrical source is wrongly connected or there is open circuit in module cable connection.

All the LED dark: The load LED numbers too much or wrong connection of module pole.

Different LED luminosity: LED load numbers too much.

LED flicker: Cable improper connection; Fuse burned: modules or cable connection point have short circuit.

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